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Lampetia Villas

Santorini , the most fascinating island of the Cyclades , once was called “Kallisti” that means the Most beautiful of All !!! Around 1500 B.C. however the volcano erupted burying part of the island and...

Pegasus Hotel

Pegasus Hotel is a family-run hotel ideal for couples, families and groups. Located in a spacious garden setting just outside the traditional fishing village of Roda, in the North of Corfu, the hotel is...

Nomad International

The experts at removals to Greece and removals to Italy Nomad International is the perfect choice for your removals to Greece and Italy. Our specialised service is fast, cost-effective, safe and...

Metafores YaSaTrans

Metafores YaSaTrans is the first and original metafores website that provides Transport, Storage, Removals services for Greek and Cypriot students. Established in 2002 by Panos Giantzides, we have enjoyed...